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Rowena O'Brien brings a wealth of experience in the management of people and problem solving to her role as director. She believes good communication, excellent process, supporting staff to reach new heights and minimum standards for all areas of business are the keys to maximising profit and minimising risk for her clients.

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My wife and I are first time property investors and have put a lot of time, effort and money in to our 2 bedroom unit in Brisbane. Everything was going to plan at first, the tenant was good, paid on time, caused no problems. Our property manager had been recommended to us and they did everything we expected them to do. Then we received a few reports from the manager that rent had not been paid and that there was some dispute over problems the tenant had with some faults in the unit. The communications between us and the property manager indicated the issues were being resolved and things will be back to normal in no time. The next thing we know is we get an email saying the tenant has left owing 6 weeks rent and left the unit dirty and damaged. We were surprised at this, since all indications was that it was all resolved. There were some brief emails about getting the flat cleaned up ready for a new tenant. We agreed that they needed to get the place cleaned up properly to ensure it was presented properly. Now we entered a stage were communication was lacking. We had to ask what was going on and this typically resulted in being told we needed to drop the rent to attract a new tenant. We did, but still no result. Four weeks pass with no interest in the unit. At this time we received a letter from L J Hooker Lutwyche. Rowena introduced herself and pointed out she had noticed our unit was still on the market after what appeared to be a longer time than normal. Curious, we contacted Rowena. Rowena explained that their office was a stones throw from our unit and they managed many other units in the street and the same block and she new it was a popular area that was normally snapped up. Rowena offered us a trial of her companies property management services and if we liked it we could then discuss continuing. We agreed. The next day the keys were picked up and the property inspected. We received a call and a written report that day. We were not happy with the report! The unit was found to be dirty and the damage not repaired. We were informed in this condition it would only attract a tenant if the rent was minimal. That was not what we wanted so a few calls to Rowena had all the necessary trades engaged to get the work done and the place cleaned so it could be opened on the Saturday. It was now Wednesday! Thursday afternoon I received a call from Rowena around 6PM. A big storm had hit Brisbane and she had decided to check the unit before going home just to check on it. The rain was so heavy it had filled up the balcony and was about to enter the unit through the sliding door. Rowena called the body corporate, who pointed out were the drains were in the balcony. Rowena then cleaned the drains out which prevented the unit being flooded. Going above and beyond for the client - Big tick! A very impressive first week! It opened on the weekend as planned and by the end of the second week a new tenant had been found! From then on it has been plain sailing. We are called directly if any issues or questions have arisen and any outcomes have been dealt with quickly and a follow up call made confirming everything is OK. We recently had the opportunity to meet Rowena and the property team. We were greeted with warmth and sincerity by people who obviously took pride in their jobs. What a refreshing change! The property team at L J Hooker, Lutwyche have set the bar very high. We are looking forward to being clients for many years. I will be happy to recommend them to anybody looking for excellent property management.

Bryan & Karen Robinson

Rowena and the team of staff at LJ Hooker Lutwyche are fabulous. I had my property in Windsor listed with ***** and they stuffed me around and I was constantly chasing them to see if any tenants had come through etc. They marketed it poorly and to the wrong types of people. Rowena really thought through a strategy to get it rented and did so in a third of the time it was listed with *****. But what I appreciated most was the constant contact and at every step she had options for me. I haven't had it rented for long but already they have organised maintenance quickly and the monthly invoicing and payment was prompt. At all times during the process I felt informed and confident they were acting in my best interests. All in all, of the real estate agents I have dealt with during the 9 years of owning property - Rowena would be an easy stand out, she's a star!

Louise Kennedy